Que es Esto #5

I was found in Baja Norte on the beach off of the Gulf of Mexico.

No those aren’t my eyes… they are remnants of two very large barnacles.  They’ve positioned themselves in very advantageous spots that allow for continuous water flow and the resulting plankton and  microscopic plant life that float by.


Ok so this isn’t a face at all…..


Here I am upside down…..


Here’s my real face… well… what’s left of it.  I feel like I should be in a Day of the Dead drawing.

wturtleFor you smarty pants who didn’t take long figuring out what I am, maybe you can try to determine which Species I belong to.  Here are a few hints…..

  1. Carapace: 4 pairs of costal scutes, the first pair is not in contact with the nuchal scute, carapace scutes are generally overlapping.
  2. Smooth oval shell
  3. 5 central scutes
  4. Serrated lower jaw


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