Esta Es #5

If you guessed (or researched) that I’m a Hawkbill Sea Turtle… You are RIGHT!


Click to read more about Hawk Bill Turtles

La Torguga Carey

 Hawksbills have been known historically for their beautiful shells. Much of the antique jewelry, combs, and eyeglass frames found today were made from their shells.  These frivolous trinkets are still being made today and the main reason for the Hawkbill’s decline. Interestingly because Hawksbills feed on certain sponges their flesh can be poisonous. I’m glad that the character in The Life of Pi didn’t encounter this species!

The turtle I found is one of three types of turtles I’ve encountered washed up on the beach.  I’m glad to report that none were entangled in nets or appeared compromised in other ways so I hope they died of natural causes.  Needless to say,  I find a macabre beauty in the animals that I find and I feel that it’s all a part of the circle of life and death.





4 thoughts on “Esta Es #5

  1. Kak says:

    Fabulous natural mysteries, Vikki. We love these, and your incredible blog. Esta es…fantástico We wish we were with you. Love and hugs from Kak and MIch


  2. Claudia Hegdahl says:

    This is really interesting but i must admit I have seen more dead and or parts of dead animals in the last 6 months that i’ve seen in my lifetime. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right places 🙂


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