I Crack Me Up

Do I really need to learn more Spanish?

As I learn more Spanish I’m catching myself making more mistakes.  Frequently these are met with a gentle correction by the owner of the offended ear but sometimes my comments are met with a dumbfounded look.  Children are the hardest to communicate with because they speak a mile a minute, don’t give much feedback when they don’t understand and just repeat the same thing over and over again.

I was recently told that I have a neutral accent, apparently not a bad thing since in his words, “You don’t sound like a Gringo.”  As my accent improves, however, the more likely I’m mistaken (at first) for a spanish speaker and the more rapid-fire the response.  This only gets me into more trouble and other person is met with a dumbfounded look and a quick, “hable más despacio por favor, no entiendo.”


What I Meant to Say                 What I Said

I believe that I want the shrimp.                        I am able to have shrimp

I think you gave me too much money.            I want you to give me a lot of money.

Do you speak English?                                      Speak English to me!

Do you speak English?                                      Do you speak Spanish?

I have a cold                                                        I’m sick in the head

Do you want to pet the dog?                           Do you want to take the dog (Toca /Toma)

Is it possible for me to stay here tonight?        I believe one stays here tonight (Puedo/Creo)

Please fill it (diesel)                                            Please arrive it (Llana /Llaga)

Their Question                            My Answer:

Where are you from?                                       I’m going to La Paz

Do they bite?                                                    No, not dead (Morden /Muerto)

Hello, how are you?                                         I’m some look me from sometimes yes

My Question                                 Their Answer

Is this your grand mother?                            No this is my son

How when time for clothes clean?              Do you want to say that in English? (said in English)

I’m really really sorry but sometimes I’m tempted to just add an “O” to the end of a word to make it Spanish….. Donde esta el Bank-O?

And So It Goes……

16 thoughts on “I Crack Me Up

  1. when I was in my french class (hs)..my teacher who was french..told me to FORGET IT !!..I WAS SOOO BAD AT PRON0UNCING THE WORDS CORRECTLY …..same thing happened in college with spanish…OH WELL..I am an artist…!!…but I admire you so you keep trying…I gave up learning another language for a paint brush…..


  2. you implemented a delightful idea quite smoothly. I have recently thought I should be collecting my poor Spanish funnies. The funniest was just a thought though, I was communicating I thought quite well with some of my newly acquired vocabulary and was quite pleased with my accomplishment, expecting a prompt response rather than the big eyed silence I was given. I immediately thought, WELL, he doesn’t speak Spanish very well!


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