Day 197-205 What me worry?

Lingering in Patzcuaro

Feb 16- 28

 Classes de Español


The Center for Language and Ecotours in Pátzcuaro

Click the photo above to Read all about this great school


It didn’t take long for me to realize that Patzcuaro was a great place to hang out and take some spanish lessons.  So I signed up for 2 weeks.  It’s an intensive class of 4 hours a day with two different instructors.  My goal was to immerse myself in Spanish and try to hear as little English as possible.

El Rancho La Mesa was an ideal choice for my immersion since after my pal Blake left for Canada, I was left with my perras, donkeys and horses, none of whom spoke English.  The ranch is in the midst of several neighborhoods void of expats or travelers so even walking to and from school provided a chance to practice. ) The grounds keeper, Santiago, who spoke as much English as I spoke Spanish was pretty much the only other person around.  As I write this I wonder why I never got a picture of Santiago.  He’s a great guy who was alway more than happy to help me figure out transport to town and other daily chores.  We spent a number of evenings trying to talk about life in the United States and Mexico, growing up, family and the likes.  When the day finally came to say good-bye it felt like I was leaving a dear friend.  We gave each other a big hug and kiss on the cheek and with a heavy heart said good-bye, knowing that it was unrealistic to pretend that we’d stay in touch.

El Rancho La Mesa


The donkeys and horses wander free since the campground is their grazing area.  When I first pulled in I imagined that this could be a disaster.  What if the dogs chase something?  Were the owners going to get upset?  Will the dogs have to be kept tethered?  I was full of worries.  I should have put on my Mexican Thinking Cap and realized that I could let go of my up tight American fears and imagined horrific scenarios.  Yes,  it took a little while for the poodles and the four-legged residence to figure each other out but as usual, I wasted a lot of energy concerned about nothing.  Santiago wasn’t concerned in the least about what my dogs might do and the poodles proved him right.


 TinTin is so intent on finding out what the mare is eating she doesn’t see the filly.t1

Oh!  but what’s that?!


 Ah…. HELLO!t2

Just pretend I wasn’t here


Nickel was primarily interested in sniffing their butts, expecting some type of manure-y PEZ dispenser.  She thought she’d died and gone to heaven.  At first the donkeys were weary of the poodles since the ranch dogs do a lot of chasing and nipping when the donkeys are rounded up.

Casing things out

Donkey didn’t like the direct approach and chased Nickel away….


And I don’t know WHAT Eureka was thinking


The filly was curious about the poodles IMG_0840

Hey you woke me up!


I want to join the party


But in the end we all just did a lot of hanging out together


What Me Worry?


7 thoughts on “Day 197-205 What me worry?

  1. Good to hear from you..and sounds like everything is working out well… is the spanish getting better ???…and what is the next agenda travel wise….heading south…back to the beach….???Really enjoying your blog ! XOXO


  2. Thanks for sending, We wonder how you are doing and where you are. Don’t be afraid to try to express yourself in their language, they will love you for it. Just like you do when they try yours. Buena Suerte.


  3. Hard to get out of that mode – especially us girls but it really is a lesson isn’t it. I think Eureka was thinking “Hey, I bet if I grabbed that rope I could lead him astray!” heehee


  4. OMG…I love this post so much!! I’ve missed seeing your updates since I’ve been offline for awhile. Great to see the girls and “hoofed beasts” are still getting along.


  5. donkeys, horses and dogs oh my! :0) better than lions and tigers and bears right?….i’m sure you will be a pro with the spanish by the end of all of this!! it will be second nature to you! keep your adventures coming!!


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