Day 257 a speedy catching up

Since I’m so behind in my blog I’m going to give you the slam dunk version of what’s happened and hopefully fill in some blanks later….. ha ha ha  I’m sure I’ll always remain behind.


I stayed in Patzcuaro for over 2 months which is quite a surprise since I intended to visit for a few days.   I’m now so behind in my agenda that I have to rush to Guatemala in order to meet my friend Anne who flies in on May 5th.  So I’m driving over Mexico City, through Puebla and Chiapas to cross the northern Guatemalan border.  I’ll be taking a week of spanish in a slightly remote town called Huehuetenango. It’s approximately the same size as Patzcuaro so it will be fun to compare.

So with that up date I’ll leave you with some pictures of my last 2 months and hope to explain some at a later date….

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