Amazon for the Amazon

 Support 4 Poodles and a Van (or perhaps a Unimog??)

If you’re looking for gifts, shopping for yourself, searching for new dog grooming equipment or dying to buy a piece of camping equipment,  take a peak at a collection of items I’ve featured from Amazon.  I’ve listed items that I can highly recommend and/or own .  The list will grow as I begin to prepare for the next phase of my journey…..
to the AMAZON!
Each time you buy something from the store front below, you will be supporting my Pan-American Adventure.
With each purchase using the link below, I earn a small percentage from Amazon. If you see something that you’d be buying anyway don’t forget to use the ‘Passage Bound Annex’.
Muchos Gracias!!
If you’d like to see a product on my page please let me know!

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