Day 147-148 Flotsam and Jetsam

Beach Combing

 January 1-2


The poodle girls and I spent the last two days walking the city and treasure hunting on the beach.  While I’ve indulged my inquisitiveness by looking for tiny shells, the poodles have discovered the joy of vertebrate and invertebrate dining. There’s a large number of these washed up on the beach and my thought is that they’re probably discards from fishing nets. There are quite a few trigger fish that have been filleted

trigger2 triggerbut I’ve also seen lots of stingrays, sharks, puffer and a whole slew of others creatures. Due to the dry desert air most of the remains are desiccated. For some reason, of all the tasty treats to choose from, Nickel prefers the puffers.wpufferOf course I can’t let her have those due to their long spines and potential toxicity, and besides, there are plenty of rays and sharks to go around. I figured it’s a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin so I let them chow down.



I was very pleasantly surprised to see such a clean beach. It was void of the usual plastic bottles and bags although littered with a plethora of seashells, fish fragments and other ocean tidbits; plenty to keep us all busy for a few days.  It’s not like what I saw last week when we drove from the central desert to Santa Rosalita and the shock I felt viewing the beach as we drove into town.  Sadly, Rosalie isn’t alone and probably represents many beaches across the world that are situate near industrial areas (this beach was north of town and near a mine).  And let’s face it!  My being here is contributes to the garbage issue: I’m also part of the problem. I mean, really, just the number of dog poop bags alone could tip the scales!  Never-the-less it was a shock to my system to witness after glimpsing the cobalt blue sea on the horizon as we approached the Sea of Cortex and my fantasizing about white sandy beaches.  I’m happy to say that the flip side of this is the effort I’ve seen by the local people to pick up, clean up and recycle.  The message is getting through.  In Guerraro Negro I drove out to a spit of land and saw what seemed to be a school project (since most of the people appeared to be in their teens) of a dozen or more people with large white bags picking up garbage along side the road.

Sometimes I have conflicting emotions about being a wealthy american barging my way through poorer and/or struggling countries but I think this is an example of a positive impact tourism can make (at least for the environment).


So back to Loreto…   I was warned by the campground owner not to walk the dogs up the beach due to some very large mean dogs so we walked south. Aside from one or two people, we never saw anyone and we were able to walk for miles.  It is a fairly rocky beach, which was perfect for me.  The days have been in the 70’s with wild wind to keep us cool and the surf rough…. bringing in all kinds of exciting things to discover.

 I’ll leave you with a few fish faces


Parrot Fish


? yellow fin?

and Nickel wanting demanding…..MORE!


♣”There’s a simple mnemonic that helps distinguish flotsam from jetsam. Flotsam (or floatsome) are those items which are floating as a consequence of the action of the sea. Jetsam are those which have been jettisoned by a ship’s crew (although that may float too of course).”♣

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