Day 13 NWT part 2

The view of the Richardson Mountains from a high pass was too vast to take in. Much like looking over a portion of the grand canyon. It was a bit surreal.




IMG_3054 IMG_3056


While we were parked at the pass, the mother and son who I’d met at Rock River Campground pulled up.  They had been through the tundra looking for antlers with no success and were now turning around to head home.  I had actually HOPE to see them because I wanted to give the boy the antler if he hadn’t found one.  I offered it to him saying that he couldn’t go home without one.  He was very excited but in a Boy kinda a way he asked me, “But did you find one with a skull attached?”  I laughed and said, “No,  this would have to do.”


The constantly changing terrain on the Dempster never disappoints. We quickly found ourselves out of tundra and back into the boreal forests…. We’d moved into the low plains of the Mackenzie River Delta and Peel River Plateau.  Here we will do our second river crossing by ferry. IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3088 Of course this far north there are no large bridges.   Water passages are done on ferry in the summer and directly onto the frozen river in the winter. The ferries for the two rivers I would cross to reach Inuvik ran 8:30am to 12:30am without any particular schedule… simply, when you arrived it took you across. At first it seemed like an over extremely liberal schedule until I realized that the sun doesn’t even set mid summer and people are up and about until the wee hours of the night .


I decided to say at another Territorial Campground. My first in the North West Territories. I almost thought the ranger made a mistake when he told me it was $29.00 per night (I paid 12.00 in BC and Yukon) I was in for a surprise at the cost of Everything north of the Arctic circle!!

I found a nice camping spot (which wasn’t hard since we were the only people there) and headed back to the ranger station to pay.   Of course Nickel had to take my wallet and Eureka had to have her Binky.  I left TinTin in the Truck because she was limping a little from the days workout.

Eureka brings her Binky….. or is Binky bringing Eureka?

Eureka vs Binky


On the way back a raven followed us.  It was quite bold but it was definitely having a conversation with Nickel.  Nickel usually doesn’t pay much attention to birds but this one was saying something.  It followed (or lead at some periods) us all the way back to our campsite.  At that point it simply continued on.  Nickel was perplexed.


Finally night dusk Happened




11 pm



 June has the longest days of the year… some days the sun never sets

In August the days are getting shorter