Day 17 and 18 Farmers market, Greenhouse fun, Making Friends

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IMG_3226Had a little scare with Nickel today.   She started gulping air and licking her lips.  She was frantic to get out of the truck and eat grass.  She was obsessed about it.  I looked in her mouth and saw nothing and she wasn’t pawing at her face so I didn’t think she had anything stuck in her mouth.  This went on all morning and the intensity increased to the point where I was afraid she was Bloating.  The only place I could think of going for information was the Visitor’s Center.   A wonderful young  woman named Jennifer was in charge and offered to called Whitehorse for me so I could talk to a vet.

Inuvik doesn’t have a vet.  As a matter of fact, they don’t have any extensive local medical support.  They have a hospital but anything more than a wisdom tooth is flown to Edmonton, the ophthalmologist and dentist make a monthly visit.

I had missed the only flight to Whitehorse for the day (of course it was Friday) so the only option would be to drive. Considering  that it’s 760 miles traveling at a snails pace of about 30 miles an hours, I was a bit concerned about leaving.  I had to wait for the vet to call me back and in the mean time Jennifer told me that it wasn’t uncommon for dogs to inhale the small fox tail that were going to seed at the moment.  She said that the local remedy was to feed the dog Caribou fat and hair.  Humm… I don’t have access to caribou parts!   When I finally spoke to the vet, he said not to  work about heading directly to Whitehorse and that it probably was fox tails.  He suggested giving Nickel bread loaded with peanut butter.  Sometimes this will pull the foxtail out.   Isn’t that interesting?  Caribou fat and peanut butter.  He said if Nickel wasn’t better by the end of the day she’d probably need to be put under anesthesia to remove the offending fox.

Long story short… It worked like a charm.  By late afternoon Nickel was back to normal.  Simple as THAT.


ƒℜεšπ √ες¡εš ƒℜεšπ √ες¡εš ƒℜεšπ √ες¡εš ƒℜεšπ √ες¡εš

SInce I was finally relaxed enough to think about exploring I headed over to the Farmer’s Market.  There weren’t many people there but I picked up a few items.  2013_09_10-Arctic-Market1_Samantha-Stokell2013_09_10-Arctic-Market5_Samantha-Stokell I stopped and talked to a guy who had some bags of herbs, lettuce and jars of pesto.  I asked him how he could grow locally with such a short season and he said that there was a community Greenhouse and that I should go see it.  I bought some pesto to send to my brothers.  I then met a husband and wife, Donald and Myra,  who were selling various carvings.  I bought a wooden spoon and a T-shirt.  The T-shirt was from the recent music festival and Donald started telling me about that.  He said that there was a fundraiser in the Greenhouse, to raise money for a new roof, that evening and I should go.  So  that was the plan!

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I had to drive to the event so I left early and took the poodles for a walk around town.  We came across the youth recreational facility.   As soon as one of the kids saw the poodles the word was out!   None of them had ever seen a poodle before.


After getting the kids (furry ones) back in the truck I headed over to the Greenhouse.

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IMG_3244 IMG_3240

They had it decorated for the event but of course the best decorations were the plants themselves.  Due to the amount of light during the summer the plants grew quite big but sometimes the fruits were underdeveloped.  IMG_3260




I liked how the artist made the Igloo church into a pumpkin

IMG_3253 I got to see a few of the Farmer’s market people again.  I was excited that I could bring home pesto from the Arctic Circle so I thought it would be fun to do an exchange.   I brought some of the huge beautiful cloves of garlic, that my friend Joanne had given me from her garden.   I gave it to the Pesto Guy. He was very pleased, saying it was impossible to grow such large heads in Inuvik.  Here at the fundraiser they had some more goodies for sale so I bought some coffee made in Whitehorse that was Free Trade and packaged for the Greenhouse event.  So now I have coffee from the Arctic Circle too… who would have guessed?   Maybe I’ll have to bring it to central america and trade it for some home grown coffee there.












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But the best part was yet to come.

A number of local people were there to play music.  One young man in particular stood out.  He’s teaching himself classical guitar.  He was astounding.

IMG_3271 and very humble IMG_3263

He said that he only knows 5 pieces so we heard those.

Myra and Don, the couple I met earlier were also there and Don was one of the musicians.  Here he played a ukulele but he also plays the guitar, fiddle and banjo.


Don is in the middle with the white shirt


The end of the evening was closed with some great lively music that was completely impromptu with people who’d never played together.  My jaws were sore from smiling.

Some of the other talent

IMG_3269 IMG_3268




Sequim Garlic and Inuvik Garlic Unite

IMG_3217 IMG_3218

  GOOD LUCK with the NEW ROOF!