Day 137-138 Hiking in the Desert

Dec 22-23  cacti

We got up early to day in order to beat the heat.  It was a great idea but in reality it didn’t take long for the heat to catch up with us.  I carried a gallon of water for the poodles (and a few sips for me) and we took a lot of breaks in the shade.  It’s really a perfect place to hike since there are large enough trees and huge rock outcrops to hide under.  I had a bunch of fun learning how to use the macro lens of my camera.  Of course you need to have things very still for these shots and the wind wasn’t my friend.

A few Desert Bugs




The rain brought out many flowers…. and with them pollenating insects.

tinshadWe spent about 3 hours exploring the area.  I really really wanted to head up into the hills and it really wasn’t the heat that prevented us from going.


water2It was those darn Molesta cactus.  I wish I had booties for the poodles, that would have helped quite a bit.  I might have to have someone ship a dozen to me since I have a feeling they’ll be more deserts to come.


Some kind of pod


las floras bonitas

We had an early night because I wanted to get an early start in the morning.  The goal was to get to Guerrro Negro the next day.

 I am a week behind on the blog and hope to find internet.  



Out door office




A little friend I found under my chair…..

Winds are picking up.  Rumor has it that the Santa Ana’s going to hit tomorrow.  It’s going to be a slow drive in the wind across open flat desert tomorrow.  Yippee!