Days 272-292 Cross Guatemala in a nutshell

Guatemala meet Anne, Anne meet Guatemala

May 6-May 26


Anne’s flight arriving at 530 in the morning was my idea. In my infinite wisdom, I thought that an early hour arrival would allow us to avoid the infamous Guatemala City traffic.  My little did I know that 530 was actually smack in the middle of rush hour ad the taxi driver wanted to pick me up at 430 to avoid the whole mess.  Anne’s plane arrived on time, the taxi ride back to the camper was routine and after greeting the dogs and spreading out our maps and books we realized that we had an entire day to make an itinerary for the next three weeks.  Anne was interested in a touring loop around the country that was outlined in a travel book and it seemed like a great way to begin since it covered many of Guatemala’s highlights.  As it turned out, we significantly modified the trip because we realized that it was nicer to hang out in  a few locations rather than rushing from place to place.  Here is the over view of our travels by map:


Basically we decided to follow the original route backward just in case we ran out of time.  Half way through the trip we also modified our plans so Anne flew from the city of Flores in the north so we had fewer days on the road.  The plan to see ruins in Honduras and the northern coast were scrapped.  We ended up having a few days doing nothing which seemed frustrating at the time but *unknown to Anne at the moment* it was actually a better alternative to traveling back to Guatemala City, which I ended up having to do on my own.  The towns on the eastern side of the country don’t have much ‘tourist’ appeal as they are basically frontier towns in the middle of a very humid, flat and rainy cattle grazing area.  The temps and humidity on the coast were souring to ‘rainy season’  highs and the mosquitoes were beginning to flourish.  All in all I think we did a great job executing our travels.

We began in the Highlands.   High mountain passes, winding dirt and semi paved roads and small colorful pueblos.  We worked our way northward through more high country and into the coffee growing area of Copan and Lanton.   Next agenda was the low lands where we explored several jungle ruins and ended the trip staying at a Finca where we spent most of our time sweating and watching birds.