Day 14 Jak Territorial Campground

The Dempster is forever being smoothed out and sanded




Day 14  to JÀK

Our second Ferry crossing over the Mackenzie River and into Fort McPherson where gas costs $1.87 per Liter.





Back into civilization….????  About 8 miles from town I was very excited to see a sign saying that the dirt road was going to turn to pavement.  I was elated until…

I discovered the condition of the Paved road.   Now I understand the reason for maintaining the dirt roads in the arctic. Because of the permafrost, the roads are under constant repair…. I mean constant.   The dirt is re-graveled, repressed, re-grated re-re’d constantly. The paved road, poor thing, has repairs over repairs but the undulating heaves and bumps just don’t go away. It was like the worst carnival ride you could imagine. I’m surprised the camper wasn’t shaken, tossed and thrown into a million pieces. Everything in the camper was tossed around as if it had been in an earthquake… well, I suppose it was.



We could easily make Inuvik by the end of the day but I decided to make the day short and stay just outside the town.  So we stopped at Jak Territorial Campground for the night (we ended up staying here for the next 6 nights).  We’re going to relax for a change.

Nice little hike with views of the area




It seemed like a large campground for the area. We’ve stayed in every campground along the Dempster highway and none of them had more than 10-15 spots.   This one had 30…. Plus ELECTRICITY AND SHOWERS!!! YIPPPEEEE       My usual choise for a campsite is in a remote corner so I can let the dogs off leash without disturbing anyone. In this campground all the sites were on top of each other with very little flora for privacy. I was very disappointed, until, I realized that we were the only people staying there.   We had the entire place to ourselves during the night but during the day it was a hubbub of family picnics.  It was wonderful to see large groups of many generations cooking at the BBQ’s and hanging out on the nice days.



There was a small tower so of course we had to climb it.

IMG_3170 IMG_3174

View of our back yard:


Is that a Bear?


No it’s a Binky