DAY 45-55 Back to Seattle, USA (in a nutshell)

Good-Bye Canada


Good-Bye Canada

Back to Banff……


Possible new Camper…. Just kidding Oso!

The throngs of people in Banff helped with my decision to head back to Seattle.  Of course heading to Seattle means the next phase of the trip will be starting… the southern half and I’m itchy to get this show on the road.
It took us about 5 days to make it back to Seattle from Banff.  It’s really just a straight 9 hour trip but my plan was to travel south through Glacier National Park in Montana, visit Sherry and her family of pooches across Idaho and then back to Seattle.

Just out of Banff National Park we stayed the night down a long rough dirt road where the girls had an opportunity to run with the truck, had a quick worrisome but safe encounter with a black bear and spent our last night under the Canadian sky.


CLICK picture above to see running poodles… Whoa Hoo



CLICK me to see a short movie clip to get an idea of how the camper reacts to bumpy roads….

Oso and Poos

The next day………Plans for a trip through Glacier were thwarted when Oso had another flat tire.  After traveling out of my way to find a town with a garage large enough to do the work I was told that they didn’t have the correct tire.  I had to decide whether to wait 4 days for them to order one or drive another 100 miles into Montana.  Since the flat was one of the inner duallies, I chose the second option and hoped that we’d make it.  It was another long white knuckled day of driving before we arrived in Kalispell, Montana.

Since all the tires on the truck (6 of them… Ouch) needed to be replaced before heading to the lower America’s I opted to have them all replaced (since we were in tax-free Montana).  On top of that I decided it was a good idea to have two identical spares.  It was explained to me that on a dually, it’s not a good idea to have a bald tire next to a heavy new tread.  Of course one small adjustment lead to 3 days for ordering tires and adding a front mount set-up for the 8th tire.  Nothing is simple.  I took the extra days to rest up, shop for needed travel items and catch up on the blog.

Back to Civilization

Dairy Queen!!



So, on Day 55 of our trip returned to Seattle:

a happy truck, a rested Me and 3 bored poodles. An anti-climatic end to nearly 2 months in Canada but a tranquil omen for the impending trip south.

Wendy and Joe Wahman’s…

IMG_5255 IMG_5253 IMG_5258

Honeys We’re Home!!!