Esta Es #1……


Nope, sorry.  I’m not a Stingray (although there are plenty of those around here too)


Classic Baja Stingray

My tail:


A Stingray tail:

stingray tail stingtail

But you’re saying…. I didn’t think you were a Sting Ray! Any idiot can tell that. Just look at the Stingray’s head.

If you thought I was a Manta Ray…. wrong again

The identifying feature is my mouth.  I am a Mobulas Ray (Una Móbulas).  My mouth is subterminal rather than terminal.  This just means in fancy-science-talk that my mouth is underneath and a Manta’s mouth is in the front.  Here’s a picture of a Manta Ray.  Click the picture to read more about ME… not the Manta.


You can see some really cool footage of others like me jumping through the Sea of Cortez click the image below:



and you can see a video and read a little story by Robbie Gonzalez by clicking this pictures:xc7ci4ptuxmgy3nd0brz

So…. ready for the next

      ¿Que Es Esto?

 Stay tuned……