Que Es Esta- Esta es……#2

 Esta es……

Not to be confused with a Sea Pen , what we have here is a Pen Shell

also called

Callo de hacha or Concha de hacha in Mexico


Click this sketch to read an extremely comprehensive paper on mollusks

Pen Shells will only be found on sandy or grassy bottoms exposed by very low tides.  Pen Shells live buried almost up to the tips of its shell so in their natural habitat they’ll look like this:th


Apparently these have the taste and texture of a scallop

In Mexico, there are two members of the Family Pinnidae, known as ‘hachas’ (hatchet) shells and as mentioned in the previously, is the highly prized anterior muscle. What’s pictured on the previous post and what the dogs were so anxious to eat wasn’t the muscle of the animal but the dried byssal threads and filtering system.



Pen shells have been harvested by the Comcáac Indigenous Community of Sonora (the Seri Indians) for centuries at extreme low tides from October to May. To day, due to the demand for this tasty meat, the Pen Shell is being overfished and the Seri harvesters are being put at risk by diving for their collection.

To learn more about how the Seri People are working to protect the Callo de Hacha and make their harvest a renewable resources click the picture bellow: