Friends come in all sizes

Mis Amigas en La Pueblita

Here are a few of the Amigas I got to know at El Rancho La Mesa.  We ran into each other while walking home from our respective escuelas and eventually the girls overcame their fears of the Poodles and started hopping the fence to visit.  The the picture below was taken after I’d showed them a video of one of Nickel’s daughters,  Ally,



practicing agility (competitive obstacle course racing).  The girls were so excited about trying to train the dogs that we set up an “agility ring” made up of chairs, tables and boxes so they could run the dogs around, over and onto the ‘obstacles.’  We ended the day with the young ladies teaching the Poodles how to come, sit and down in Spanish… and they learned a few training words in English themselves.  It was a lot of fun for everyone.


Marta and Sara were the two girls who visited me the most.  They would come into the camper and we’d talk until their mom called them home.  They were very patient with me and Sara was particularly great at figuring out new ways to say the same things so I might understand.  Sara was going on 12 and very curious about the world.  It was a struggle at times to make conversation simply because my usual questions for a girl her age, about ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ or ‘what’s your favorite movie/character/book,’ weren’t conceptual parts of their lives.  We talked about school and dogs and family but mostly they asked questions about me and the girls.  Sara and her sister came from a very poor neighborhood (hence their need to jump the fence to enter the RV campground) but their hearts were rich.  I gave Sara a plastic apricot poodle head magnet from my wall and the next day she showed up with a gift of her own.  It was incredibly touching.


Sara’s gift to me


PS….. More to come about that little white dog you see in the picture above……