Day 11 Second Day on the Dempster

Day 2 at Tombstone

aug17 poos


We woke up to another clear day, and with the blue sky came chilly temperatures.



The Poodles and I chose a ridge hike for the day and it provided an incredible view of the valley.  I was able to see up the river that we’d hiked the day before.



Half way up the trail I realized that I’d lost my sunglasses (which happened to be the only prescription glasses I have with me). Searching for them, I walked the first section of the trail three times to no avail… and the poodles were no help! With no other choice, I gave up the hunt and decided to continued up. Hopefully someone will find them leave them at the trail head.  My eye sight isn’t too bad and since I’m not driving after dusk, it shouldn’t be a problem.  Only disappointment is that I won’t be able to see any wildlife from a distance…. I also forgot to bring my binoculars.

 The trail led up through a rocky outcrop and onto a secondary summit.

queen of the hill

Can you find the poodles?



The main summit was surrounded by scree making it impossible to attempt but the end of the trail was beautiful. It was a mixture of rocky outcrops


and barren alpine scrub.IMG_2793


funky mushroom


alpine blue berries





‘Dr Suess’ plants….



When we finally hit the (false) summit, there was just the lightest breeze and the sun was strong.

It felt good.




Another successful day of hiking and we returned to the camper. I planned on a long drive today.  We’re headed to Engineer Creek Campground.  With the road in such poor condition it will be a short distance covered by many hours of driving.  We’ll be in Tombstone park for several days so I won’t be camping off the road. There are a number of campgrounds and I”ll be taking advantage of them for the next few nights.

The drive was a bit surreal.  The mountainsmoon looked like a moonscape sprinkled in lichen.


We arrived in the late afternoon with a threat of showers so we set out to explore the environs.  The campground was in a small gorge made of tall scree slopes.



The creek, however, was bright orange due to the high level of iron in the water.  The rocks were stained with rust.

IMG_2835 IMG_2831



The day turns to rain by about 6pm. The new campsite is dark and dreary and we’re parked in a huge a puddle of mud. After that quick exploration of the small river/large creek running past the campsite we settle in for the night.

Poodles are quite content to call it a day.