Mis Tres Amigas



AKA: Big Mama

UCh Bibelot’s Tolka TinTanium JHD RA OAP TDI CGC

TinTin was born April 30, 2003.  She is the 6th standard poodle in the country to earn a AHBA herding title.  She’s competed in agility, obedience and k9 Nose work.  She’s also a certified Therapy Dog and I hope to do some volunteer work with her in hospitals and orphanages in Central America.  She is very close to her daughter, Nickel.  When Nickel had her first litter, TinTin helped nurse the puppies.  TinTin is afraid of chicken sounds (don’t ask me… just say’in) and fire crackers.  Click TinTin’s photo to read about her 2006 litter.



AKA: Nickel the Pickle

Am/Can Int’l Ch BIS-GrCH Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-L Blues Am/Can RA JHD TDI CGC VC

Nickel was born June 3rd 2006.  She is the 7th standard poodle in the country to earn an AHBA herding title.  She’s competed in obedience and k9 Nose work.  Like her mom, she’s a certified Therapy Dog too.  She has had two litters and those puppies are now adults.  Nickel is the true pack leader and prefers to not mix it up with other dogs.  She has rock solid confidence and not much phases her.  She’s very attached to me since I helped deliver her when she was born and any of my friends like to remind me that I didn’t give birth to her.  Click Nickel’s photo to read about her litters.



AKA: Eureka the Freaka

Tudorose Eureka! Gold Mine RN CGC

Eureka was born November 30th, 2004.  She doesn’t like competitive sports and would rather be on the sidelines cheering.  She loves to carry her stuffed animal, Binky, around. Although Binky has taken on many forms over her life time, Eureka is dedicated to each and every one and you’ll always see the two of them together.  Eureka is a very sensitive girl and Binky is her security blanket especially if there are loud fire crackers going off.

All three girls get a long incredibly well.  They sleep and eat together and have never had a fight.  They have adjusted very well to living in the camper and call it Home.

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